If you analyze the famous quote of Archimedes you will realize that the probability of success in any endeavor is not related to the size of a group, but the knowledge and self-confidence of the people who participate in it.

Flatiron consists on a group of experienced people which coordinates a dedicated network of skilled partners offering fully customized solutions for the following divisions:

  • Aluminium products division
  • Stainless steel, iron, products division
  • Plastics and rubber gaskets division
  • LED and Automation division
  • Residential and building refurbishment division

Flatiron can provide, thanks to its staff and partners, a complete range of services starting from the drawing board and reaching the final realization of the original idea.

                    Our “motto” at Flatiron is:      “Make your vision reality”


And we don’t stop here, in our effort to fulfill the needs of us and our customers we are always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies that can offer a better working and living environment.

 We are just getting started…

The Flatiron team.